Home series

How quickly January has gone by. A lot of my time has been taken up by preparing publicity.
By now I had hoped to have finished all the art work, and be able to concentrate entirely on final preparations for the exhibition. But I still have so much I want to do! Friends have consoled me with such reflections as, ‘I have never known an exhibition fail to happen because some of the work had not been completed.’ This is true; you go with what you’ve got. So I will just have to see what else I can complete in the time.

I have been working on a series of ‘paper’ cuts, having discovered tyvek, which looks like paper, but as it is made of plastic is much more resilient. I have nearly completed 2 cuts now called Home Land and Home Town. While tyvek will take acrylic paint easily, in this case I preferred to use the white untreated as I was hoping to express loss and emptiness.

Home Land - cracked earth

Home Land – cracked earth

I tried out a small version of Home Land and realised how important it was to get the lighting right in order to make the best of the light and shadow caused by pieces of tyvek curving out from the plane of the main structure. Sarah Casey told me what she had used to hang her paper pieces, and Chris (who is my technician) has bought a battery-powered light to try out. As you can see I have not yet hung and lit it properly.

I have also continued to work on the papier mache footprints, which I hope will come together as a complete piece soon.