Catriona Stamp
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Books published 2011

Changing Times: Cotton Town Testimonies 1870

Knots and Crosses, one-off, altered book

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside

Plants Unstructured, one-off, altered book

Books published 2009

Stations of the Circle

Patient Mudras

Books published 2008

Rock and Water

Presence of Rust, 

Paper Constellations, one-off

Books published 2007

'Beachcombing - Ten Steps'

'Beach findings', Limited edition 3, with handprinted collagraphs

'Beach findings', paperback version

Edinburgh Festival with the Macfie Collection' one-off, altered book

'Gardens of the Night'

'Signs of Christmas'

'Tidal Pools'

'Wrecked in the Great Storms', with handprinted linocuts,

'Wrecked in the Great Storms', Digital version,

Books published 2006



'Precious World'

'Rocks and Relics'

'Sacred Mountains'

Books Published 2004

'Sacred Journeys'                                           

'Walks on the Islands' 

Books Published 2003

'Chrysalis 2' 

'Green Men' 

'Moon Myths'

'Sacred Trees' 

Books Published 2002

'A Walk in a Wood' 

'A Walk on a Beach'